FoodPosse Goes to Shige’s Saimin Restaurant (@mel808 @ricknakama @worldwideed @melissa808 @parkrat)

The FoodPosse made up of @mel808 @ricknakama @melissa808 @parkrat head out to the country to visit with @worldwideed and try the “best saimin on Oahu” according to Ed.



  1. @ParkRat Did you like the Saimin? What is the best Saimin in your opinion on Oahu?

  2. The saimin was definitely good. I’m not sure I’m ready to say it was the best on the island yet though. Not because it was bad, just not ready to say for sure yet.

  3. How was the noodle in the Saimin, I know @ricknakama can tell who made the noodles with his sense of taste. So he probably knows but didnt say on the video.

  4. Did anyone else notice that Russ says we’re in Waipahu?

  5. @FunHiGuy They make their own noodles so I didn’t think I needed to say that. I really like this place as a saimin place. It’s just far. If I could buy their noodles at a supermarket in town, I would be tempted to do so. They probably know that if they did that, there would be no reason for anyone to drive all the way there (past Waipahu).

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