KoAloha Mai – Episode 2 – “The Kanikapila”

It was a magical evening, not just because we actually had a magic performance but because the performances were magical. A great evening of friends, family, and fun. You could feel the aloha in the air and it was intoxicating.

We are still rendering the video of the evening since it went longer than we thought it would, but as our guests post their own videos we will try and consolidate them here.

Video by @hawaii

Performance by Herb Ohta Jr. (@herbohtajr), David Kamakahi, and Jon Yamasato at Koaloha Ukulele. The friendly, intimate event was for “Koaloha Mai,” a live webcast series on Channel808.TV. A great lineup of musicians took the stage at Koaloha’s factory on Kohou St. in Kalihi on Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

Video by @hawaii

Performance by Herb Ohta Jr., Gordon Mark, David Kamakahi, and Jon Yamasato at Koaloha Ukulele.

Video by @worldwideed

Composed by Alvin “Pops” Okami – You Can Do It, If You Try/Nandemo Dekiru is a song that is dedicated to those in Japan who are suffering due to the tragic earthquake & subsequent tsunami. He hopes that it will inspire those who can give, to do just that: give ( http://www.koaloha.com/nippon-relief/ ). This is a live performance of the song at the KoAloha Ukulele Factory with Herb Ohta, Jr. on ukulele, Pali Kaaihue on guitar, and the KoAloha Shop Boys (Dennis Hermano, Dominic Pastor, Keith Yoshioka & Brian Benavente) with supporting vocals.

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