70th Anniversary Mass Band Performance – Recorded on 12/07/11 #PH70Band

To mark the 70th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. There was a performance by one of the largest bands ever assembled.

The performances took place between the Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri and was livestreamed to the world.

The performance featured 650 High School Band Students from all across America Performing The Star Spangled Banner, Salute to America’s Finest, Amazing Grace, America the Beautiful, Stars and Stripes Forever – directed by Pearl Harbor Survivor Allen Bodenlos – and a featured performance by the Kilgore Rangerettes of I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy!

Check out the performances here:

Rehearsal before the event:


  1. Can’t wait to see this live performance this afternoon. Such a great experience for our “Lakeview Centenial High School Band” from Garland Texas to be a part of. God Bless each one of the band groups as they play for this eventful memorial.. Lovingly, a proud Grandma and Poppie

  2. my name is dakota beahm sister of cheyenne beahm that will be there playing from new philadelhia band ……i am so happy for the new phila band and my sister chey both …it is an honor to be sisters with my sister chey and i love her so much good luck sis love yah chey chey <3

  3. It is an honor to have my nephew and his fellow band members represent Ohio in the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Way to go Quakers.

  4. I am very proud of the 4 members and 1 adult staf of the North Suburban Young Marines unit that are attending today’s anniversary. Marco Arceo, Jason Arceo, Hannah Court, Steven Tetzlaff and Marco Arce Sr.
    Also Happy Birthday to Jason Arceo.

  5. Pat & Ken Widmaier

    We are so very proud that our two grandchildren, Brian & Jenny Becker, were given this opportunity of a lifetime to honor our heroes on their bagpipes. We know that they, the rest of the ‘Riverview HS Kilties’ from Sarasota, plus all of the bands will do a magnificent job. Congratulations to all!!

  6. We are very proud of our daughter, Mandy, that they participate with the Payson High School Band, AZ, at the historic event. Many thank to Ms Mason.

  7. My nephew Tanner Joye from Byrnes HS, Duncan, South Carolina is there. I am so proud of him!

  8. Very proud to have Lakeview Centennial band from Garland TX involved in such a historic but somber day.

  9. So proud of our NPHS Marching Band from New Philadelphia, Ohio to take part in of the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. What an honor this is for you to partake in such a historical event. May you all take in every moment and hold it near and dear to your hearts as this is a moment you will one day tell your children about. Thank you to Mr. Furby and the entire NPHS band staff for making this opportunity of a lifetime possible. May you all have a wonderful time in the beauty of the island and have a safe return. To my daughter and staff member, Jordan Rhodes, we love you and look forward to watching.

  10. So proud of my daughter Courtney Loos with the Marching Quaker Band from New Philadelphia, OH. You will surely remember this experience forever as you honor those survivors and those who perished one fateful day 70 years ago!

  11. As a former band member and the grandmother of Tabetha Lewis I want to send my good wishes to the New Philadelphia Marching Quakers and Mike Davis, formerly of New Philadelphia. Today is the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and enjoy the celebration.

  12. I am honored my daughter and son are both in Hawaii and playing in the mass band. We are from Delaware and they are from Sussex Tech High School in Georgetown, DE.

  13. I just want to give a shout out to all of my friends in the Lakeview Centennial High School band and colorguard. I love you all and can’t wait to see your performance this afternoon! I’m so proud to call you my friends. I miss you all and wish you tons of luck!

  14. We’re very pleased and proud to be watching Ivy and Zane Decker and the New Philadelphia Ohio Marching Quaker Band as they take part in this historic event. Enjoy the sunshine and the limelight!

  15. It is with pride I will watch my Granddaughter, Miss Emily Heath, play the Tuba on this historic occasion today. Our armed forces should be honored every day! I am proud to say my granddaughter has flown from Sarasota, Fl to play on this auspicious occasion. You go girl!!!!

  16. Proud of the AHS band from Lafayette LA who are performing today!! Go Brandi!!

  17. I would like to congratulate my son Dairion Morgan and the Lakeview Centennial High School Band from Garland, TX for having the opportunity to perform on this memoriable day. Goooooo PATRIOTS!!!!

  18. Very proud of our daughter Nikki and the Rest of the talented and beautiful Kilgore Rangerettes

  19. Stephanie Daugherty

    Proud to be a former band parent for the Lincoln Southwest Silverhawks from Lincoln, NE and am thrilled they got the honor to participate in this event. I cannot wait to see the performance.

  20. Congrats Payson Longhorns!!!! Wow to be picked to go to such an incredible event. We are proud to support you and our country!! We will watch from afar with Pride. Play with all your might and hearts. See you when you get home.

  21. Chris and Lisa Weaver

    Watching with excitement! What an honor for all the band members of NPHS Marching Quakers in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Congratulations! Also, a shout out to our cousin, Zac Kopp, who was chosen to raise the flag at today’s ceremony! Way to go Zac!!

  22. So proud of my daughter, Kayla Downey, and all the Marching Quakers from New Philadelphia, OH!!!! You all have worked so very hard to be here. Cherish this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although we all couldn’t be there to watch NPQ perform, you all know we send our love and praise. So proud of all of you. We Love You, Kayla!

  23. Congratulations to Allison and all of the Kilty Band for a great performance. You all are the best.

  24. Jim and Mary Lewus

    So proud of the Payson Longhorns and our son Alex. What an amazing opportunity for our children to participate in such a wonderful historical event. Thanks to Ms. Mason. God Bless America.

  25. My best friend’s son who attends Lakeview High in Garland Texas is performing – What an experience for him and his family on this day in remembrance of Pearl Harbor!! Very Proud – GO TANNER!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! 🙂

  26. So proud of the Raven Nation Marching band from Sussex Tech HS in Georgetown DE!!

  27. WAY TO GO PAYSON HIGH SCHOOL!!! WAY TO PUT US ON THE MAP. WE ARE SOOO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU. We love you Spencer Lewinson. Live it up!!!!

  28. We are SO excited to see the pride of Georgetown, DE. representing us at such a special occasion!! Go Sussex Technical High School “Raven Nation” marching band !!!! We are SO proud of all of you ! P.S. Hi Paige!!! xoxoxo

  29. We are so proud of our Grandson,Jimmy Brown, and the Payson Arizona Longhorn Marching Band.

    What an honor to perform at the site of The U.S.S. Arizona.

  30. My grandson John Ryan Barrett will be participating in the ceremony today at pearl harbar.
    congrads Ryan we are very proud of you. Love nanny and poppop ps marching with sussex tech band from georgetown delaware.

  31. We are stanch supporters of the Payson, AZ High School Band and their director, Daria Mason. They have worked very hard for the past year to participate in this momentous occasion and the entire community is very proud of them and their accomplishments. Many of these students perhaps didn’t know of the significance of this memorial, but I’m sure after this experience they will never forget. Go, Longhorns, and do the band, Payson, and the entire United States proud.

  32. I’m the proud parent of Callen Christensen of Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, AK! I do believe Lathrop has traveled further than any other school to have the honor of participating in this special event and they are thrilled to be in Hawaii. At not just because it’s so much warmer there than here right now! Best wishes to all the high schools participating today! What an incredible experience to take part in!

    Susan Chapa
    Fairbank, AK

  33. So glad to see my little bro and the Lakeview Centennial Band! As an alumnus, this is great to see! Go patriots and GEAUX LSU TIGERS!

  34. My niece Allie Serban is a member of the New Philly band. I am so proud to be her aunt. I know the whole band has worked very hard to have earned this honor but I am so proud of Allie

  35. GO TANNER!!

  36. Im so proud of my nephew Chris Gay from Oklahoma, were watching from Lex, Ky!

  37. This is very exciting, can we get the rotating graphic to be a bit smaller and in the corner

    God Bless America

  38. I am proud of my two sons, Austin and Colin Crist, from Lathrop High School (Fairbanks, AK) who were honored to participate in this ceremony. Their father and brother are currently serving in Afghanistan.

  39. So proud of the Marching Quaker Band!! Exciting to have my son Thomas participating…Go Quakers!!!!

  40. Robert & Ethel Walker

    We are so proud of our grand-daughter Harmony from Payson, AZ to be part of this memorable ceremony.

  41. GOOD JOB TO ALL THE BANDS , BIG AND SMALL!! A BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE RIPLEY HIGH SCHOOL BAND from Ripley ,OK. They have been called the biggest Little band in the area , what a honor they had and the other bands as well to play at such an event. I might be just a little proud I am the mother of one of the band members and my daughter was able to attend in my absence . This is something that most if not all participants will never forget . Very thankful that they had this opertunity , a once in a lifetime event. GOD BLESS AMERICA and God bless you all!

  42. I know that the members of the Kilties Band from Riverview High School in Sarasota Florida are honored to be a part of this ceremony. I am the proud parent of Natalie Reid playing bass 3. My father is a survivor of WWII and he is proud that his granddaughter is a part of this too.

  43. A huge shout out to the Payson High School band!!! You all did amazing and made us proud!

  44. CONGRATULATIONS for an excellent performance by every student that participated!

  45. A huge shout out to the Kilgore Rangerettes for yet another STELLAR performance! America is so proud of you, particularly Texas! From a utterly prejudiced Mimi of Kayla Kopp!

  46. SO very honored to be present at this honorable event. Our daughter,Fallyn is a member of the Sussex Tech Ravens Marching Band from Delaware. They, and all of the other bands, performed outrageously.
    It was great honor to be at this memorial celebration for all of the remembered heroes of Pearl Harbor. And a great honor to meet one of the many survivors, Allen Bodenlos! This is one event that will NEVER be forgotten!!!

  47. SOOOO PROUD of Acadiana High School YOU WERE AWESOME!!!!!
    All the kids that perfromed you sounded like you all had played together forever.
    You should be super proud of the performance
    Mr Allen Bodenlos —so awe struck to have met you— YOU ARE A HERO TO US ALL

  48. Lakeview Centennial High School Band members were “fantastic” at the 70th Memorial Performance!! What memories you will have to bring back to Texas! GO JARED !!!!!
    Love, Mom and Dad

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